Frequently Asked Questions


What are the cabins really like?

They are A-frame wooden cabins that look right out of a Wes Anderson film. They might be small but perfectly cosy for sleeping. They all have fans and heaters and most have electrical outlets.

What are the washroom/shower facilities like?

There is a shower building with washrooms as well as washrooms in the main lodge.  They are real flushing toilets, no compost toilets here!

What if I don’t like any of the activities?

There will be lots of choice and if nothing is really speaking to you, there will be a chill zone for just hanging out.

Is there wifi there?

Like a true camp, there is no wifi. You will be able to get a cell signal if you really need to but trust us, you won’t have time to be scrolling.

Can I just come for one day?

Nope! Camp starts Friday and ends on Sunday and you will definitely want to be there for the whole time.

What kind of food with there be?

It will be delicious! Our camp menu that will satisfy all and cater to any food issues/allergies (yes, even the vegans).  That is the one thing we didn’t want to replicate from our own camp experience … this weekend will feature AMAZING food!

Will there be alcohol?

Yes, there will be a nightly bar, which will open in the early evening daily, however the vibe is not really “let’s-all-get-super-drunk-for-3-days’ sorta thing.

What if I don’t know anyone going to camp? Will I feel like a weirdo?

Absolutely not! You will be surprised how fast you will make friends with the rest of the weirdos, and we will make sure to have LOTS of ways for the ice to be broken.