How did we get here?

Elenna’s camp story

I am a total camp fanatic.  Since going to sleepover camp at age 7, I have dreamt of camp day and night.  I was always the kid who had to be physically removed from the front porch of the cabin kicking and screaming on the last day to get on the busses.  Camp to me was always a space for my independence to grow alongside other kids and to be part of a girl gang. I loved the nightly sleepovers, the rainy day showering (which we called toilet bowling) and anything where there was loud cheering and screaming in competition.  I had a camp themed bat mitzvah, a camp wedding and did all my school speeches on camp (grades 5-8). Camp for me is a refuge from the pace and expectation of regular life, and I have spent my adult life hunting for ways to make life more camp-like. Camp Wild Hearts has been a long time dream of mine, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Lindy’s camp story

When I was 7 yrs old, my mom sent me to sleepover camp for one month at the behest of one of my friend’s moms and I came home after that one month demanding that I get two months every summer from that point on. It was non-negotiable. I loved everything about camp. I loved sleeping on a bunk bed, living in a perpetual state of mildly dirty. I loved having days that included crafts and sports and waterskiing and tuck shop. I loved the camping trips from camp where you rolled one pair of underwear, extra socks and a toothbrush into a sleeping and off you went for 7 days of hiking and canoeing and so many campfires. I loved the camaraderie, the silliness, the endless hours with friends and counsellors who seemed old but were really too young to be overly disciplinary. I grew up at camp. I figured out who I was without my family at camp. I discovered all the ways you could get away with wearing pyjamas at camp. I went every summer from 7yrs old to 15yrs old then spent a couple of years working as a counsellor and I regret not going back for more. Camp was the best part of my year every year when I was growing up.

The story of our camp wedding

When we decided to get married, we didn’t really know what it was going to look like but we knew we needed an outdoor venue because we wanted to get married near trees and under stars. We are two hard core camp kids that take every opportunity to spend time walking through the forest or in a field or on a beach or hiking in a jungle. We love an adventure in nature.

When we started looking for an actual venue, we saw lots of places with variations on “outside” but nothing felt large enough or authentic enough or awesome enough or just had too many rules around it. Basically nothing was quite right.

As we began talking and scheming and declaring our personal stakes for what our wedding would be about, we realized that what we actually needed was a camp. Ultimately because that is what we wanted to do for our wedding. We wanted to recreate camp for our guests. We wanted to pack the 24hrs of our wedding with lots of camp elements - flagpole, head counsellors, free time around a variety of activities, dancing in a field, delicious food, bonfires, talent shows, lots of laughs, sleeping in rustic cabins and the feeling of endless time.

We called it Camp Wild Hearts to capture what we wanted our wedding to be about which was around re-wilding love.

Our wedding came together in true camp spirit, with the help and hilarity of everyone who attended. It was a magical love fest and when it was all over, and people lingered instead of leaving, we thought to ourselves - ‘what if we did this again without the wedding part?’

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Elenna & Lindy


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